Monday, October 20, 2008

From The Desk of Awisy


My Mama is too busy today. So I'll be filling in for her.

First of all, Mama told me that she got something to prove to Aunty Nyett (dat she does cook! Psssttt.. I’d say occasionally.. heheh).

Anyway, to support her statement, she went ahead and took a few pichas..

So this is what she cooked for me for Saturday dinner.. (For brunch I had the seafood pasta)

And this is what I had for Sunday brunch

Beside that, she mentioned that I should learn some table manners..

Or this...

But I’m think I’m too young for all this gibberish mamma-jamma..

Hmmm.. I think its time for my milk.. Before dat, I have a 2 questions..


Hehehe… :D


mrs noba said...

kah kah..kiut gbr awisy yg last tuh!!!

AzuraNizam said...

yup..setuju..gambo awisy yg last tu kiut bangat..

Mimi said...

mrs noba & azura..
Gambo lubang idung Awisy tu ke???!! makin kembang la gamaknyeee :D

Zuhaini said...

hihi.. wa.. sangat kreatif la mama awisy nih.. oh ya, bagi saya gambar pakai songkok tu lagi cute! haha.. :)

BabyBooned said...

makin cute la awisy ni!

and i'm sure your mama's the best cook in the world for u ;)

fatin said...

OMG!!! gile hillarious la this entry!!!!!