Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Its Time To TIE Him Up~

Hehe.. kidding :D

He's mastering the art of walking~

To encourage him, during most outing I'll let him walk on his own (wif me holding his hand of course). He'll get very excited, if its up to him to manuever our way, he'll stop and checkout every store! Heheh..

Even before this, we had plan to introduce the harness once he walk. I know to some people holding a string attached to ur kid while walking mite look a bit cruel or animal like, but on more positive note, u'll reduce the risk of loosing ur child, especially in a busy place like shopping complex. Yes, I can hold his hand, but I might get distracted and let go.. What if the next thing I realize, he's no longer by my side? God, No no no NOOO!

Anyway, our hunt for the perfect harness begin.

1st stop, Mothercare. They have 2 types of harness:
This is tied on ur child wrist on one end and ur wrist on the other hand. I think its meant for bigger kids, not appropriate to young tods as it might hurt their hand.

This one is clasped on ur child body but I dont like its complicated design its looping holder.

I'm looking for a cute one (yeah typical me) which resembles more like a cute backpack than abseiling safety harness... Our next stop ws Anakku and YAY! I found one just like it!

So this is the one we've got:

Its Goldbug - 2-in-1 Monkey Child Safety Harness. There're a few selection, a Moo, a Puppy, a Monkey, and a Bear. I like the Moo but Papa prefer the Monkey (He said Awisy is one cheeky monkey hehe). So to be fair, we lined up all the selections and let Awisy choose. He went for the Bear! hehehe...

At first he felt weird with the new 'burden' on his back, he stand static and refuse to walk (even cling-ed on his Papa). A few moments later everything was forgetten and his walking like his ownself again~

Yay! Mission accomplished!


Catz said...

it's better safe than sorry..for me it's nothing wrong to put harness..lebih senang..budak2 kecik ni kdg kalau nak menghilangkan diri sekelip mata je..tak smapai 3 saat..and i wonder why people keep saying kejam..macam bawak anjing if put the harness tali2 tuh..i think this is the safest way to bring ur children ronda soping kompleks lah.
plus mesti pegang/ikat properly to father or mother lah..jgn pegang je and leka...
awisy cute!!!!

mast@work said...

hello.. mama aiman pun dah beli.. tp tak try lagi.. sebab aiman suka jalan jap, duduk jap, jalan jap, duduk jap.. jadi lembu bantuan tu bergantungan la kat rumah

*kami beli yg bentuk lembu.. comel..

*tumpang lalu tuan rumah.. suka kunjung sini

Mynie said...

what a creative design - dia buat tali tu cam 'ekor' yang pjg.. how much is it?

Ms Lola said...

I bought the harness by MC for my daughter dulu. Benda tu kan cam multipurpose - so I sgt suka bila pi kedai makan yg highchair nya takdak harness, I ikat guna harness MC ni je.

Tp skrg, I tak tau I letak kat mana :P

mommy said...

hye! just droped by. btw, i got the same harness. my doter likes the moo. everytime nak keluar, dia ckp mana moo moo. and yes, its very good to tag your kid along rather than let them too free. skrg ni mmg kena extra careful. my MIL yg duk kg pun agree with the ikat2 thingy. she said lbh selamat!kudos!

Wiz said...

Do they sell those in adult sizes? I wanna harness on my adult baby, so that he won't sneak out to the gerai Mamak in the wee hours of the morning ahaks.

Seriously, tell me k.

Mimi said...

exactly! better safe than sorry right?! plus lots of missing child cases on the news right now.. we better not taking any chances.. i guess more conventional ppl are uncomfortable with the harness.. up to the parents i guess..

yups, maybe aiman is not ready to wear the harness yet. wont be long though.. dalam sebulan sure dah stabil dia jalan n u can make full use of ur moo.. yay!

yups, it looks like a long tail with a small loop dat u can slip ur wrist in.. if i'm not mistaken, its around 62.90.

haah laa.. i xterpikir like dat.. typical me i'm looking for something cute.. i pun menci bila the baby chair in restaurant didnt has any harnest.. sgt susah nak makan oo..

allo! its ur first comment here right? :D i oso like the moo but awisy actually went for the bear hehe.. wah ur mil very open minded, cool~ i hvnt show it to my mil yet.. hmmm...

alamak.. i only saw one size.. seriously nak harness ur big boy? hehehe.. tapi nanti dia pandai bukak sendirila the clasp *wink*

precious innocent said...

i mmg nak beli harness nie, tp syg tul la.. lion elek la pulak... will settle for another design tho...

cuma later2 kot kami beli, ryan pun baru je dpt kaki... la nie baru 40% jln gigil2..

-mama emma-

YusVogue said...

me bought for Mikhael the moo.. and we call it Mr Moo Moo.. he loves it.. sampai hitam hidung dia digigitnya! tapi kami jarang guna since we prefer pram.. tapi tetap bawa walaupun tak guna..coz kekadang we just let him go... so harness tu sangat la berguna..

well kalau guna harness tu sure jadi 'celebrity' kami anak beranak.. but i dont care other people.. coz i care my baby more! hahaha..bukan mintak duit dorang pun beli..

hhhmmm..dah lama tak jalan2 kat mall ngan my boys.. nextweek kot..bole bw harness..hehe