Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not A Title In My Head

I think Awisy lost a few pounds frm the cough and fever.

Just look at his slim face. His appetite is also not as good as before.
He hardly finish his bottle of milk lately. And sometimes we only prepared 6oz! (I use 2:1, water:milkpowder scoops).

This picha was taken last week. Yeah we went to Aquaria. Its like a baby to toddler rite of passage or something, eh?! Nothing really fancy and nothing we havent saw before, I guess. Luckily we arrived just in time for feeding, hence the picha below.. hehe.. But it ws pretty exciting to Awisy. He love the big aquarium and he walked here n there to follow the fish and turtle movements. Anyway, he just recovered from the fever so he ws pretty clingy and refused to walk on his own. And the next day, the fever returned and it ws worst than before. No one to blame but us.. huhuhu..

I'm so tired today. In fact the whole week hs been a tiring one and its only wednesday! I wonder if I'm suffering a vit deficiency or something. Am fighting the urge to sign a leave form, go home, and read my Enid Blyton book to sleep. Or maybe, watching the reruns of Australian Next Top Model. Anyone know the ANTM cycle 11 winner? Do tell me :D
Okaylah, will sign of before I start to blabbing nonsense.
Happy Blog-hopping!


mamaREDZHA said...

teringat dlu2 slalu ulang alik aquaria.. masa siapkn projek Coin in education Marin endangered species... yg beh tu msuk free...hehe!

precious innocent said...

i x suka australian punye... suka american punya... mcm kurang drama je...

-mama emma-