Saturday, October 25, 2008


My absence from the blogging world these few days was due to this:

Can u read the screen?

Anyway the story was our top management decided to launch one of our project during the agency's Quality Day cum Jamuan Raya 2008. So tak cukup kaki tangan mata telinga dan mulut laaa mem'perfect' kan the 'imperfects' plus numerous request to add this and that functions to the online program.

At one point they even asked us to involve live video of the monitored locations which is quite out of my mind because 1. i've never done any video streaming setup/programming from scratch (aku budak ee ok bukan budak IT) 2. the request came 1 day before launching day huahauhahuhahhhaaaa..

All in all, almost everything went well during the launching ceremony (it was a very simple one, but my worst fear ws wat if suddenly network down n bila Datuk KP klik, keluar no network connection kat screen ittewww????) Thank god our wi-fi decide to behave well that lovely morning theheeheheeee...

Purp, I really wish u were here wif us.. U kan the original developer :D I wish u were here to share the credits, the ketakutans, the kesibukans, the kesabarans, dan lain-lain lagi :)

My heart was pounding like nobody bisnesss!

Dats 1 project down! Yeeeeeeeehaaaa!

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purp said...

my heart would be pounding even worse i guess if i were there!

actually i'm about to try to fix the error on data query b4 reading this post... sorry couldn't do it earlier... i'm stuck with a lot of asgs & subjects to catch-up. i guess, i dont hv to fix it for now rite... heheheee...

btw, well done! i know somehow u could deliver it!