Monday, October 27, 2008

PotLuck cum BBQ

A few close frens at the office decided Raya BBQ + Potluck Party. We agreed on the location which is the most eligible bachelor crib, mr zahidee (hehe) which ws the perfect choice as he proved to be the perfect hostess. Credit to his overnight TDF marinated chicken BBQ (serious sedap! aku nak recipe weh), and spaghetti, and hot tea :)

The Cool-Ppl


Awisy n Danial (Rocky's)
Supercool Missy Kamilah wif her sunglass (errr.. dah malam laa cayang!)

The Not-So KiddosThe host yang malu-malu ayam, sedang membuat teh-o
Alim cat, assistance chef @ drinks supplier sedang khusyuk membakar ayam
Another assistance chef@ Papa yg kelihatan sgt serius
Rocky (who somehow was tricked to wear Baju Kurung by manusia-manusia yg tidak bertanggung-jawab walhal dresscode ws suppose to be t-shirt n jeans.. hehe)
Rocky's Sista yg cute n ladylike!
Kami yg super-duper happening, Moi n Awisy, K Kay, her hubby n Kamilah, sedang berusaha memperabis makanan yg super-duper banyak!

The Yummylicious Food!Yummy BBQ chicken sizzling away!
A portion of the foodss (tak muat table ok!)
Me n Papa contributed super fresh ikan siakap, enak dimakan bersama air asam~

Everyone enjoyed the night while making their best effort to finnish all the food :D Mind u, there were only 9 ppl but enuff food to feed at least 20-30 ppl (no kidding!). After tapau menapau n everything, we leave Zahidee's hse (with a very full tummy) at around 1130 pm~


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Zuhaini said...

sedapnya... awisy makan apa eh..? spageti..?