Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rise and Shine Darlings~

I woke up early this morning with a mission :D

To prepare a surprise breakfast-in-bed for my dah-ling~

Ring-ed Emak...

Me: Mak (intro blabla).. Canne nak masak nasi lemak pakai santan segera? (dats all i have).
Emak: Same je.. Santan ngan nasi sama banyak.
Me: Ooooo.. ok Thanks! Bye~


Yay! I managed to prepare everything before anyone wake up :D

SURPRISE~ (Alamak.. nak kejut Papa je, Awisy pun bangun sama..)

Awisy stole a few suap of Nasi Lemak from Papa..

So U know, whenever it involves Awisy and Food, its bound to get messy.. Too messy for bedroom, so we moved to the proper place (Syian Papa kene angkat dulang surprise sendiri nyeh nyeh)..

The treat ended with this:

Macam biasa:

Such a yummy breakfast~


Wiz said...

Ice cream for breakfast? Oh you are so wickedly kind!!!!

Ninie said...

mkn ice cream pagi2 hihihi..comel la ur son ni!