Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A (Very) Short Trip to The Beach

Awisy takut laut!


I tought my plan to spend the night at my auntie's hse in Tanjung Bidara ws brilliant since we'll get to bring Awisy to the beach (for the first time). But literally everything went wrong starting frm the journey when I sense a sore throat err.. building up in my throat (I have a sore-throat-phobic sinnce it will always end with high fever and bad cough). The minute we reach my aunt hse, I took a painkiller and nap.

In the evening, 4 of us (me, Papa, Awisy, n Makngah) went for a walk at the beach. Awisy ws miserable! He cried to whole time we were there, he dislikes everything, the water, the waves, the sand, everything.. hehe.. He even cried when anyone of us went near the water, which is flattering since it translates that he's worried (for our safety?) and funny at the same time. Why? because it seems like he ws never afraid or scared of anything, but the beach freaked him out, big time! Ws crying the whole time we were there.. Alahaiii.. Sangat tak machooo la wisy-wisy.. :D

Look at his worried face, takut la tu Mama masukkan dalam air ;P

We'll try again next time okie darling >:D


precious innocent said...

he he.. i'm yet tu publish ryan 1st encounter with feringgi beach...

it was joyful, siap xmo naik la puleh.. he he

different baby ada different perseption kot... he he

-mama emma

mimielola said...

Oh my daughter sgt cinta dgn THE BEACH! Nak suh naik sgt lah payah. Dah brp kali tertelan air laut pun, tak serik2!

Aimi Mukhlis said...

Budak2 skang ni memang penakut..
Nampak je mcm macho..

Anak buah aku lagila..takut dengan freezer..
Akak dia takut dengan HILUX..


Zuhaini said...

hihi.. alia pun takut kat pantai.. hari tu bawak gi jalan2 di pantai di pangkor tu.. dia takut.. :) haha..

**sama macam abang danial (sepupu) dia.. takut pantai!! :)

Mimi said...

ryan & mslola..
i pun expect cm tu.. trun out dia takut pulak hehehe.. tapi dulu my bro pun camtu, after a few times, dia yg takmo naik darat dah huhuhu

awat pelik2 bende yg anak buah ko takut nieh?? sure korg yg tolong takut2 kan nie ye tak?? hehe

la ye kee? ade geng la awisy.. :D