Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Again i'm blogging while waiting for papa in the lobby. Thank god for the wifi else i'd die of boredom since my course end at 5 while papa punch out at 530. Course today is okay, nothing much except dat now we're the host country kenela layan various requests from other participants. Tuan rumah yg baikla katekan.. Heheh.

Anyway if anyone's wondering.. Hehe.. I went for Nokia instead of SE. Its too cute to resist man! Since the beginning I'm in love with its shape yg selim-selim-debot itewww.. But the i ws a bit skeptical since apparently nokia launch this phone to compete w blackberry. Plus i hv trust in SE especially their reliability.. But after i play around with both phones... My heart is set.. Alamak papa dah sampai!


doc said...


you wifi guna laptop ke handset?
haha by the way i pon nak beli nokia harini.
but not as same model as you.
gonna be E66

Zuhaini said...

hehe.. mcm mana rupa nokia itu..? :)

oh, doc, dia wifi pakai laptop la kot.. haha.. :)

doc said...

mane la tau kan.
nset mimi boleh guna wifi tru nsetnya.

kan mimi kan?

Mimi said...

yupss.. I blog pakai hp.. X bwk lappy pun pi training hehe

Mimi said...

eh doc i'm wondering wats the diff.. Haritu i x prasan 66. But i look similar like 71 rite?

doc said...

hmm not very much diff.

kindly visit http://www.nokia.com for more comparison.

doc said...

by the way, 66 is 71's sibling. hehe boleh pulak macam tu