Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Breeze of Fresh Air

Finally! A chance to breathe..

After 2 hectic weeks, today is such a perfect day.

I spend the day lazying around the house esp. in front of the TV.. heh.
Atok, Awe n Pak Busyok came by for lunch and stayed until 7 (Mak even cooked asam tumis senangin in our kitchen for dinner, hehe). Little Awisy enjoyed everyone's company dat he skipped his after-breakfast nap and went straight till tea (if u get what i mean).

I have so much to talk about, but am afraid there's not much time left for tonite as I sense Papa ordering us to bed anytime soon (its 1222am btw). Yeah, sleeping late is not a strange thing to us (including Awisy), in fact the reverse is! Aint we lucky he hd start sleeping till morning since he ws 2 months?! Yups, no waking up in the middle of the nite etc.. etc.. (be jealous, hehe). Anyway, I guess I'll list out the topics that I hv in mind first, just in case.

1. My recent IAEA training - friends, trip to Melacca, dinner, closure n farewell (sobs!)
2. Career and work dilemma (sheesshh..)
3. Awisy (what about Awisy? hehehe)
4. My E71 (sooo old-news, i know)

I also owe a big apology to these 2 special person..

Emma: I just notice ur Ryan Bday Bash Invite! U know for the past 2 wks I'm blogging frm my phone, so I hardly get to my commentbox let alone the chatbox. So sorry dah-ling! In fact, on the very day we went to Melacca to play tourists guides, hehe. But I know, the events ws so-fah-bu-lous and Happy Belated Bday to the handsome Ryan~ (ehem.. next yr jgn serik nak jemput yek!)

Nyetto: Babe! U know how bad I am at remembering dates n numbers! I totally missed ur birthday!!!! Happy belated bday laling~ Hope u hd a wonderful one (frm my reading, i think u do ;D). Am so glad for ur LoYL and cant wait for ur good news (ehem cepat sikit bgtau, kitorg nak book tiket)..

Pretty-pretty sorry, with sugar lily on top.. :D

p/s- how I wish Awisy is hs more interest on ManU game on TV (hey, ronaldo just scored, again!) rather than playing with my lappy charger and occasionally typing something on my keyboard (he just deleted the WHOLE thing u know, luckily I when ctrl-Z'ed everything is restored or else.... (dont want to think abt the possibilities).

p/p/s- Its amazing how much weight I gained after the 2 wks course.. huhuhuuuu

Its LATE! Nitey nite people!


mrs noba said...

finally...selama ni i dok tgk ur blog entry pendek2 ajer!

precious innocent said...

patut la u 'ignore' je my invitation.. ingatkan u ada marah ke ape...huhu

xpe la... insya allah next yr, kalau ada rezeki lebih ek...

-mama emma-