Sunday, November 16, 2008


This is Awisy, having fun wif his 3 cousins (Syira is not in the picture)..

They came by last monday nite (err.. if i'm not mistaken) wif ChuPaPa and as usual Awisy hd tons of fun fooling around wif em hehe.. Year End Holiday hs just started and I believe they're back to Atok n Nenek Melaka's by now. I wish we can join the fun (dan menambahkan havoc dengan jeritan2 Awisy), but things are pretty hectic for both me n papa at the office (we kept listing all the outstandings, never end I tell u), so we'll see how it goes.. No promisses for now.

I love watching Brother Ammar or Thomas as we call him playing wif Awisy. So brotherly~ Soon he'll no longer the youngest as baby sister is predicted to join the gang tis mid-december. Cant wait! Awisy pun, no longer the cucu bongsu.. thehehee.

How fast the weekend flewwww.. Esok dah keje balik, hwaaaaaaaa :((

Signing off! Toodless doo~


yaya said...

mimi finally u update ur blog, sgt rindu baca blog u dan awisy yg sgt putih itew....

Zuhaini said...

hehe.. so cute!! :) abg Ammar pun muka lebih kurang eh.. :)