Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy n Sad

I hv a few minutes before I push off to the lab. Ok seriously I'm having those creative-block again, I hv no idea what to talk about. Not a single thing. Nada. Well there're a few things happening around us, some exciting, some rather sad, n some same old same old, but I'm sooo lazy to elaborate.

Okaylah.. summary only..

Story 1
Papa is away for 1 wk, until friday. After those 4-mths-in-hungary last time (refer to 4 earliest months in my blog) 1 wk doesnt seems that much. Plus my Mom is on school break, n sis just finninsh her final sems so yeah.. hehe (see I told u I'm not in the mood to elaborate).

Story 2
My uncle passed away last week. Innalillah. Although I'm not really close to Arwah, I'm still sad because I still remember our last meet. I bumped into him at my (another) auntie's open hse, I just arrived n he ws just going to leave. I shake his hand n pass a few greetings n tanya khabar. I wish I've said more n maybe spent more time with him. His leaves ws quite sudden, he ws still up n about in the morning driving n doing chores, n he ws gone in the afternoon. Takziah to his family. May god bless him, Al-fatihah.

Story 3
Awisy bumped his head (hard) last nite. I'm slapping myself hard as I didnt close the bathroom door properly. He wandered in the bedroom, pushed the door open, went in, an slipped on his first step. Fell flat on his back. There's small bump at the back on his head, n I couldnt sleep properly (as I always did everytime something like this happen to him) checking him everytime he moved last nite.

Story 4
My project is going smoothly, Alhamdulillah. I'm at the stage where me n my colleague define as "I can see the light". If ure also n R&D line, I guess u'll know what I mean. As we start our research/project, especially when we start from scratch (everything is zero) u'll never know whether its going to be a success or failure. Its really a big risk.. But when things start to fall in one direction, n u cn predict what to do n what will happen next, thats when u cn see the light.. ehehh..

Seee what I mean?? creative-block.

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Zuhaini said...

Poor Awisy.. tak pe, next time, kita sama-sama hati-hati, ya.. haha..

Alia pun selalu jatuh.. ibu dia x sempat tangkap.. haha..

good luck on your project!
**apa tajuk projeknya..?