Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm attempting a record breaking work, to start n finnish an R&D projects in 3 week!Mwahahahahahaaaa... *disshing my head

Received the project yesterday morning, and apparently need to finnish it before mid december. N its not an easy one to! I hv to interface this device to workstation via ethernet port, writing driver, the software n everything. I think normally this project will consume around 3-4 mths to be perfect. Itulah nasib electronics engineers di technical group... booohooooooo. Am officially bringing the device manual everywhere I go, infront of tv, to bed, n even dreamt about it. Kalau x paham protocol cemana nak write software kan? (okay i know i'm getting a lil bit technical).

I hd planned for a lenghty post on my e71, but xsempat... here goes the picha~

Why I LOVE my E71

- its cool design! sleek, sexy, n super-duper cute~
- the softwares... very useful n user frenly
- i like that i can synchronise it with my outlook.. so both calendars will be updated..
- the screen is clear even under sunlight, but i do miss the touchscreen function (part touch tu je) frm my pdaphone..

haha.. lots more, but in a rush..


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Tyra said...

U know wat, I love that phone too!!!!