Monday, November 3, 2008

Training oh Training

Remember my Vietnam course?

Well there's somesort like follow up course right now in my agency.. So i get to met with most of my frens once again.. The best thing is this time its in msia.. They arrived yesterday.. Yay! So today dh start n the course is 2 wks..

N guess wat? Im waiting for Papa to pick me up n Im broadcasting live with my new love~
Can u guess which i picked? (hint: mestila yg cute!)

Test upload gamba sket... Hehehehehehhe. Bilik training yg bersepahan.....

pardon my gedixness.. Tgh jakun!


Saira^_^ said...

kim salam kat heinze ok..

Zuhaini said...

erm.. tak tau la.. apa yg cute eh..? :) bagi la klu lagi..