Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Aftermath of 2 Cups of Coffee

Its late but I'm wide awake. Must be that 2 cups of coffee I drained post dinner.

I'm taking a long break frm work after all those sweat and tears hehe. A chance to clear my mind and spoil my baby ;) We're flying to kuching for a 5D/4N holiday.. Yeayyy! Cant wait! Its a very impulse decision, bought the tickets last weekend n confirmed the hotel booking only last nite. Really appreciate those gov rate the hotel provides which will save us a whopping rm5OO on the rooms. Yups, room's' as Atok, Awe, n Makngah are coming wif us! tripple yay! The more the merrier :D

As this vacation is not really well planned, (I'm quite lazy to browse for infos hehh) we'll just go with the flow. Worst is we're stucked in the room with nothing to do, which is not that bad, we love lazying around in bed, fooling around with 'that' cheeky baby, whom by the way is pretty ticklish >:) or maybe soak in the bathtub for hours where 'that' cheeky baby, whom by the way cries everytime I took him out of the bathroom, can play with his three little floating ducks. Not bad at all, eh?!

Although its one day away, I'm already on leave since yesterday. As i mentioned the crucial part is already o-v-e-r, i figured me, papa, n awisy deserve the long break. Thanks Papa for being so understanding when I'm still doing my work long after the hours..

Yeay esok cuti... Cuti... Dan cuti lagi!


mimielola said...

Babe, same here! I couldn't sleep too.

Happy vacationing!

Mynie said...

what a coincidence! we're going to kuching too :) bezanya, mine is a company event (meeting cum family day, but importantly it means it's paid-for yay ;p), and it's been planned for a long time, a few months dah book tickets..

do surf for infos, kuching is a great place to jln2.. we'll be going to damai beach, cultural village, fishing village, pottery museum, cat museum, satok market. all organized by company. if it's left to me, i think i prefer to do something more eco - like visit a cave or national park or something hehe...

and don't forget to hv dinner at topspot seafood (near holiday inn) k? enjoy your trip!

Catz said...

happy eh..
i have new blog..

BabyBooned said...

well good for u! leave stress behind ;) hope u guys have a great holiday!