Sunday, December 14, 2008


For the past few weeks; these guys have been my faithfull companion through ups and downs...

These are radiations detectors..

Its high voltage supply (0.92 kV)

The amplifiers

These 'beautiful' babies are discriminator, scaler, and crate controller..

Although I'm quite reluctant to befriend with this one (as I'm sure it has kills and injures few of my body cells, sobs!) its not like I have a choice..

My hibernation place... right inside the bunker OK.. I develop those software program..

Tomorrow is the crucial part... Lepastu bole cutiiiiiiii..


p/s to myself - I have to admit, I enjoy doing it.. It keep my adrenaline pumping.. hehehehe..


mrs noba said...

huisshhh..lama sungguh nak tunggu ur entry nih!

wow, another ala2 sci-fi working place :)

yeen said...

weh, tgh plan nak buat nuclear bomb ke? kekekeke

Catz said...

wahhh..gigih bekerja..lama tak jumpa kowang...rindduuu