Friday, December 26, 2008

Mr. Awisy Went To Kuching Day1 - The Morning Journey

I'm gonna segment my posts on the Kuching trip by day or days, otherwise it gonna be too lengthy as I have 5 days to cover!

We started the journey early morning.. Push off from home around 6:15am to catch the flight that ws schedule to depart at 8-ish am. Ws quite havoc that morning as me n Papa fall asleep before we finish packing, but we manage to shove everything into the bag at the last minute. Surprisingly, nothing ws left.. hehehe.. Awisy wake up and bathed at 5:30 am!

Owh.. I must mention here that I woke up dat morning with an eye infection! Swollen red eyes with a handful of taik mata huhuhu.. wat a bugger. But, I was determined that it's not going to spoil my vacation, thus I arrive at the airport in style, sunglass at 7:00 am.. hehe..

The check-in process ws smooth. Awisy ws very interested with all the aeroplanes and the luggage trucks busy with their activities. He kept pointing his fingers at them. Afterall, boys will be boys, eh?

We arrive at Kuching at 10:00 am after 1 and 1/2 hr ride. Catch a glimpse of the city during our ride to the hotel. Its been 20 years since we were last here (excluding Papa, who ws here in 2004, and Awisy, obviously). We stayed at Harbour View Hotel, located just by the river side and opposite of the Waterfront. I've made a few reservation, at Merdeka Palace, Holiday Inn, etc, but finally settle with this one for its reasonable price (with gov rate, its RM140 per nite for deluxe room, complete w 2 bfast), its location, n there's a Muslim restaurant just at the back of this hotel.

Anyway, as we arrived, our rooms were not ready yet, so we left our luggages and went straight to the waterfront. Its actually rows of shophouses that sells Sarawak handicrafts like tikar sarawak, all those anyaman thingy, tshirts, beads necklace, bracelet, belt, bags, everything, just name it. All these shops are facing the river (I think its the Sarawak river), thus the place name, 'Waterfront'.

We use baby carrier to carry Mr Awisy everywhere. We didnt even bring the stroller, as adviced by our fren, because there're lot of steps and roads to cross, the stroller will end up as burden. Proves to be right, and its much easier too.. Minus the facts like sore shoulder (even with the back support, I cant expect much, cant I? he's 10 kilos now), and sometimes when he ws bored he cried and kicks and grabs and claws anything he can reach, i.e. my face, papa's face, our shirts, n exposed skins.. I tell u, sometimes, its like carrying a little baby tiger!

At night, after a few hours of restfull sleep and room service lunch, we went out again, this time towards the other side where all the shopping complexs are. We wanted to have dinner and buy few stuffs like titbits to be munched at the hotel, Awisy milk, etc.. After contemplating between a few restaurants (it ws night, we were still unfamiliar with this town, n unsure which restaurant is Halal) we end up at McD.. hehehe... Strike a few poses in front of this particular Cats statue, (they're a few of them, scattered around this Kuching town).

On the way back, we walk by the riverside, which is quite happening (and the next day, few of the locals warned us not to wander here at late night, its quite dangerous, huhuhu).. They're a few food stalls along the sidewalk, but I must warn u, the price is NOT cheap. We stop at this one stall for Teh Tarik and Teh-O Ais, and these 2 glasses cost us 8 bucks! pheww.. But the ambiance is very nice, the scenery where u can see all this lights along the walk, the other side of the river, and the weather ws very nice.. Creating suasana melepak yg very condusive.

Awisy eating a mouthfull of french fries and feeding some to the stray cat.

It ws late, so we made our move back to the hotel n zzzZZzzzZZZzzzz...

Coming soon: Day 2 - Kuching, Museums, and Diarrhea? stay tunedd.. hehehehe

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