Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mr. Awisy Went To Kuching Day2 - Kuching, Museums, River, and Diarrhea???

On Day 2, the plan is to do sightseeing around Kuching Town including a visit to the museums. Breakfast ws so-so and we went out straight after breakfast. Took a taxi to the museum, which ws a bad move because it ws really a short journey (literally 2-3 mins ride) but costed RM10! Apparantly the RM10 fees is a flat rate for any taxi ride from the hotel to any location bounded by Kuching town. We should have walk, huhuhu...

All the museums are situated around the merdeka park. I think there're 4-5 altogether. We only went to 2 of them, Entology and the other one across the road (cant remember the name). There're also Art Museum and Nature's Museum.

The Entology's is quite an old one, based from the stuffs displayed as well as the explanations where some I recognize are typewritten. There are lots of preserved (dead) animals on display apart of other things. The other one is more on Sarawak history and independence, how S'wak joined Malaysia, the chronology, newpaper clips etc..

At the back are Nature and Art Museums... All admissions are FREE of charge! and Open everyday~ Nice aite!

To the next one across the road..
Before we leave we stopped by the museum cafe to feed Awisy who ws getting restless. Mak ordered Teh Tarik Borneo which is quite delicious.. We figured its added with freshmilk along with condense milk, hence its very rich but not that sweet. New recipe eh? hehe..
Beside this museum there's a small garden with few monuments that are nice for photo sessions and camwhoring.. ehehe..
After that, we went for lunch at KFC and stopped by pharmacy to get pcm for Awisy whose body ws quite warm.. We walked all the way back and finally reach the riverside. There're lots of nice buildings, a chance for photo session again! hehe..
We can actually ride a boat to cross the river. But everyone else were'nt interested apart of me. Mak even said it look quite unsafe.. hehe..

Finally, we went back to the hotel for some rest n plan to continue our sightseeing later in the evening... butttt..........

I woke up frm my nap with a very unsettling tummy plus this strong urge to vomit.. I thought it ws wind or something, so I just swallow all the pain n prepared myself to go out.. But then Mak came to our room and said "lets just order room service, Dhiah sakit perut.. dah berapa kali muntah!".. Oh no no no! Apparently only me n dhiah were affected. We were sitting side by side at the KFC sharing fork etc.. We suspect the fork is the culprit, must be unclean or something.. yuckkkss!! So now, dont even think of mentioning KFC in front of us, no thanks!

Mak Ngah pain ws really bad, she ws crying all the way to the clinnic. Mine was not as bad as hers, I cn still manage myself, so to say. Anyway, I ws really worried because we have plan to hire a guide and a van to go outside of Kuching town the next day.

Can we make it?

Stay tuned... :D

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