Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mr. Awisy Went To Kuching Day3 - Serikin the Cheap Market and Thousands Steps to Fairy Cave

Kuching ws casted under a wet spell on all five days that we were here..

The Serikin Market

Its day 3 and a big day for us. We had hire a tourist guide cum driver to bring us to the Serikin Market and some other interesting places around here. The journey started early at 9:00am (eheh) and we headed straight to Serikin Market. It was raining cats and dogs all the way from Kuching to Serikin. I was a bit worried because its an open market, how are we suppose to shop in this condition? But our driver simply brush aside must anxiety, saying "people do come and shop at the market regardless of this heavy rain, even storm!".

He also went ahead and explained that the goods are very cheap but all are Indonesians including the sellers, thus we must bargain or they might charge us higher than the actual price. The rule of thumb is to get at leats 25% discount ;D

Finally we reached the market after half and hour que to the parking space (must come earlier 'next time'!). Thankfully the heavy rain has subsided but umbrella is still needed. The stalls are on the right and left of the road and it was a long one! We walked frm start till end and estimated its around 500metres, so there're around 1km (as they're on both sides) of stalls selling all the things u can think of, just name it!

They sell tshirts, embroided blouses and kebaya's, indonesian batik and silk, curtains, pots and pans, imitation designer handbags and luggages, home decorations, toys, beddings, etc etc etc.. U do need to tolerate the uneven road, heavy crowd, its not as comfy as shopping complex, hehe.

Rambang Mata okeh choosing from the colouful embroidered kebayas. For a set of top complete with batik skirt and shawl the price ranges around RM30-RM60, very cheap indeed.

I didnt bought that much thought (bravo me!) not as much as Emak, hehe. Bought myself 1 set of black kebaya, a shawl (exactly the one I've been eyeing at waterfront but at half the price!), and a beaded handphone case. Mak bought lotss of Indonesian batik for my aunties and herself, and Papa bought kain pelikat for him and Ayah Melaka.

I want to buy some toys for Awisy but didnt, because I always have this concern on toys with 'leaded-paint' as Awisy looove to chew his toys. Its better to playsafe and buy from known manufacturer.

The 'Spooky' Fairy Cave

Anyway, we leave Serikin around 12:30pm and went to get our lunch at Bau Town. On the way, the driver asked wether we would like to stop and see some caves. I said OK! So he stopped at this particular one, called The Fairy Cave.

One of its uniqueness is the mouth of the cave is all the way up the hill so we need to climb 3 stories of stairs to reach the cave opening. Down here is the top part of the stairs where we can finally see the cave. Only me and Makngah took up the challenge to go inside the cave as Papa ws carrying sleepy Awisy, and Mak ws to accompany Papa (plus its quite adventurous hiking inside the cave).

Little that we know that inside the cave there're like thousands more little but very-very steep stair to climb! I climb up wondering OMG-how-am-I-suppose-to-climb-down later, hehe. But it was worth the sweat and tears, the scenery inside were amazing!

The driver explain that this cave use to be the home of some Dayak's hundreds years ago. If we go deeper, we can actually see that the cave is sectioned similar to rumah panjang where all the families stayed. We only manage to see the first room which ws the Ketua's house because it was too dark to go inside and we were unprepared.

Apparently, if we go inside, we can lots of stones in the shape of people and animal as the legend said that some angry witch hd casted the village and turned all the livings to stones! (I dont know how true it is but our driver said that it is a true story).

I ws pretty spooked as he ws wise enough to tell us all this while we were inside the cave and there ws nobody around apart from 3 of us (the cave is not common to tourist, only locals and hikers usually go there). When we posed and took some photos, he went "dont say anything if u see third or fourth person in the photo, its very common!". Aiyoyoyooo... I cant wait already to go outside! Hehehehs..

Sarawak Famous Vases and Kek Lapis

After lunch at local people spot in Bau, we went to visit the factory that produce Sarawak famous vases and potteries and also a shop that specialize in Kek Lapis, where we can enter their kitchen and observe how they bake the cakes.

All the vases are personally designed and carved by the expert. No wonder the price is quite expensive. I only bought one that is carved all the way to the inside, where we can use to enclose a bulb and create a very nice side lamp. Maybe I'll upload its pichas later ;)

Here is the Kek Lapis kitchen. There're special oven to bake this cake where the heat/fire is only on the top part to cook the top layer. They'll make it layer by layer and place it in the oven for 3-4 minutes before the addition of each new layer.

We reach the hotel at around five. Still early but we were exhausted! Exhausted but satisfied, I have to add ;) In the room, I soaked my self and little Awisy in the bath-tub full of warm water...

We end the day with these two dishes....

Coming soon: Cultural Village, Cat Museum, Seafood and Seafood again!


p-na mama oja said...

jalan kt market tu cm lecak je, bru pas ujan ek?

amboi sakan awisy merasa kek lapis..nyam2..sedapnya! terliur tgk!

Mimi said...

yups baru lepas ujan yg sgt lebat! mmg awisy sakan merasa kuih tu, (tapi dia mmg sakan merasa ape saje) hehe

Zuhaini said...

amboi... banyaknya atuk awisy borong kat serikin tu.. hihi.. nasib baik mama awisy pakai baby carrier, kalau tak, penat mengusung, like last time i went to kuching.. penat double! penat berjalan-jalan dan penat mengusung ALia! :) hehe..