Monday, December 22, 2008

While They're Sleeping

Its approximately 230am. its like a dejavuu and I'm tempted to use the same title as my last post.

While Awisy n Papa are miles away in the lala-land, I'm left behind in this real world, thinking about tomorrow. Since there's no point to force myself to sleep (oh I know me too well), I guess I might as well blog. We'll see if this post will make all the way to the 'Publish' button, or be dumped into the 'Draft' piles, hehe.

Its true that time flies especially when we're having a good time (also when we're busy). Tomorrow we'll be flying back home, which will also mark the finish line of our 5D/4N holiday (excuse my writing, i'm in a flowerish mood, or maybe I'm high with caffeine, or both). The flight is scheduled to depart at 3pm, so we'll have the whole morning for last minute shopping (my wallet is already bidding farewell to its frens). Thats also why I'm staying up late, to pack up all the luggage, to create more time n space for tomorrow hehe.

We've had heaps of fun here in the Cat City. Went to loads of places, comsumed load of seafoods (soo fresh yet soo cheap), bought loads of stuffs, and learn loads of new things, (u cn see my priority here, hehe, no-lah.. Just kidding). I think the 5D/4N duration is just nice, where we wouldn be able to relax and unwind but still manage to cover as much land as we did if it ws shorter, or we might be bored (read: might) if it ws longer.

I will write a more descriptive post on the whole 5 days later. WILL write, no compromise. For now, I think I'm gonna sign off and join Awisy n Papa in the lalaland..


P/s - hey, this post make it!


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

oits...g tido laaaaaaaaaa!!!

Zuhaini said...

hehe.. i pun hari tu gi kuching.. makan tak nasik penyet dan mee kolok? hehe.. gi tak serikin..? :)