Friday, January 16, 2009

The Artist In Me


What about my creative attempts?

The actual pichas are dark and blurry since it were taken at around 7pm..

So this week we manage to go to the park EVERY day (well am assuming today too)!!
Three hooray for US ;)
Arrived at around 630ish and played for about half hour..
Its very refreshing and its fun too watch Awisy run loose :D

But next week I have a week course at mi+mos..
Any of u working there?
Care for lunch? :D

Hehe.. Oklaa.. Work Work Worrk

"All work and no play will take the sunshine away" Mimi

p/s - Nobody interested w long tieracks at posh-delicious tu ke??


Zuhaini said...

tie rack minat.. tp tunggu gaji masuk.. hehe :)

Mimi said...

hehe.. ooo cenggitu ka? kira i salah timing la ek :D