Monday, January 12, 2009

Guilty Indulgence


"Sis, I'm free tonight. Wanna meet? I have ur Tie Racks with me"

I texted my reply. We agreed on where and when.

While waiting for her, I wandered around the shops with Papa. Lets go there!, he points to the watch shop. Eversince Little One has broken his watch (dropped it on the floor a few times before the poor watch stopped working), he has been searching for the perfect replacement. Mine on the other hand is perfectly fine. Thus usually I'm just happy to tag along.


Eversince I laid my eyes on this pink strapped leather number, I've found my own agenda. Always have a soft spot on anything pink.

"I dont need it!", I keep try to tell myself.

But today we have a lot of time to spare...

"I want to try it on!"

Papa just shrugged. I beckoned the shopgirl to open the glass door. She place it on my left hand.

I drew my breath....

"Its perfect!"

I 'love' impulse buying.

p/s - so now my DKNY is up for grab. Any takers? Of course I'll let it go at good price :D

p/p/s - our online shop will be up and running soon. There's new celine bag and colorfull tie racks ready to be grabbed. Stay tuned!


Zuhaini said...

hehe.. itu pink watch what brand eh..? very cute! sure expensive...

Mimi said...

cute ke? thanks :D