Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ignorance Is A Bliss

To work dat is!
(maaf.. sungguh tak bermotivasi diriku ini. Jgn contohi ye anak-anak!)

I'm back frm a long break!

To think dat i checked my email n update my blog at 2am (not dat tis my 1st time). Rindu okeh.. But I made a mistake of peeking into my work mail n saw a few project meetings line up for me.. Duhh la kan! Spoiling my mood in the middle of the nite.

I totally dread 1 of the project bcoz the project manager (frm a private company) ws very rude the last time I deal w him. Was asking for some info to assist us in designing dis electronics system thingy for HIS project. He's the project manager cum co-ordinator yet his knowledge is next to zero. Marah-marah orang lagi, apa kes? Automatically, I put his project into my last priority haha *evil grin*. I mean knowing nothing is one thing, being rude is another. I dont know wether he's a high rank in his company or what, someone needs to knock some sense to him. A little humbles wont hurt his ego :P

Enough buat ketupat.. Let see wether I cn create some clever excuse to dodge dat meeting kuikuikui. N much much better if bigboss cn assign someone else to dat project, hmm..dats a thought..

Now lets talk business ;) we have lotsa delicious clarks shoes dat fit little prince and princess up for grabs. And also the ever popular, glamour n easy to wear, the square and long Tie Rack scarves :D Stay tune for posh-delicious aite!

Little Awwisy n Biggie Papa are fast asleep. Me gonna join them to LaLa Land.

Nitey nite!

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Zuhaini said...

heheh.. very evil! tapi kalau tak, sampai bila-bila pun dia takkan learn his mistakes, right..?