Thursday, January 8, 2009

Make Way for Princess Sofia

Sorry dahling, Aunty totally forgot to upload ur beautiful pichas!

She was born on 3rd Dec 07, n last Saturday she is officially 1 mth old n received her first jab. Such a beautiful baby n well behave too! So now Awisy is no longer cucu bongsu boohooooo!! hehehe..

p/s - tangan aunty ketaqqqq.. dah lamaaa xpegang newborn!

Meanwhile.. another mischief behaviour by brother Awisy!



precious innocent said...

skill tu still ada lg...

gegege... (sila la paham maksud tsirat aaa)

-mama emma-

Nanie Haron said...

Dear Mama Awisy,

I'm one of ur reader.
You've been tagged.
Kindly check my blog.


Mimi said...

I can read between the lines ;P lambat lagi kot, hehehe

Aloha! I'll do it 'someday' aite! thanks for thingking of me ;)