Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mari Memasak Nasi Ayam Madu

I notice Awisy has certain preference on foods nowadays. If he dislikes the food, he'll turn his head sideway with clamped mouth and half a cheeky smile. There's almost not point to force the food anyway because he'll end up messing himself with it, covering his shirt, the chair the table and the floor with it.

Anyway, I notice that he likes chicken rice. So I made a mental not to learn how to prepare it and cook it someday (confession: NOT a cooking expert). And it end up as our new year's meal.. Presenting my nasi ayam madu~ Got the recipe from the internet of course, and choose this particular one because I have all the ingredients required by the recipe, yay!

I especially lurrrvee the ayam madu. The rice taste like other chicken rice (although Papa kate bolela bukak order, kwang kwangg). I got the recipi here from myresipi with some changes here and there. (p/s - i like this site because of the cooking reports and comments :D). To make ayam madu, I simpy add 2-3 tablespoon of honey into the chicken marinade. While to prepare the black sauce, I sauteed chopped garlic with sweet soy sauce and added half a cup of chicken stock.

Hehe :D


Catz said...

wahh..sedapnya nasik ayammm..nyammmm..

Mimi said...

eheheee... alamak segannn.. sifoo catz meow masak sure lagi sodap.