Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Nice Evening

That evening, as we stepped out of the car, the wind is blowing softly on our face. The bright blue sky is calm and clear, while the sun is hiding behind the cloud. As we head to the Chempaka Lake Garden, we were greeted by this cheerful sight of colours and shapes.

"What's that Mama?" ask the excited Little One.
I laugh :D

This happy surroundings is contagious.

Its the Kite Season!

A few people were jogging and walking by the lake. Some were sweating themselves on those exercise tools. A group of teenagers was playing soccers on the side field.

At the playground lots of parents were seen chasing their happy childs, while some are watching from the side. So thats where we are heading. Still tremble by the memory of the last incident, I secure the safety harness on the Little One. This time I wont let him off my sight.

Little One trotted towards the big toy. I can sense his excitement. Bigger kids were running everywhere, some chasing between themselves. I brush aside my fear and let Little One climbed the ramp that leads to the sliding tunnel.

"Papa!" he called to signal Papa to wait for him at the end of the tunnel.
Wooooshhhhh.. down he went. He was giggling and laughing.

Its Priceless ;)

Meanwhile, Atok, Awe and Mak Ngah are coming from the other side of the lake to meet us.

And then we ate steam corns on the pavement :D


Zuhaini said...

hehe.. sweetnya... ini dekat area MRR2 dekat dengan FRIM tu ke..? :) apa nama area tu... gombak eh..?

YusVogue said...

best ni..harus ajak my boys ke sana picnic pulak..hehe

Mimi said...

aiyarkk.. tak ahh, bukan dekat frim.. ni dekat bbbangi je, area rumah we alls.. sebelah kompleks pkns bangi

Datangla.. manatau bole picnic together-gether :D

Saira said...

You just tell me that my life is far from perfect.. huhuhu

p/s: still in depressing mood..

Mimi said...

My life is also far from perfect, my dear :D

Stop depressing and start studying!!!

Yatie SawaNiLa said...

cam best je lepak kat sini

Catz said...

bila pulok ada kite season kat bangi nih??..naapa akyu tak tau eh...if not..sure aku bawak SLR snappy2 kat sana..isk..bila ada lagik ni mimi..
kabor kaat aku eh?

Mama @wisy said...

Ur Awisy like my Awisy..wajib da harness kang lari entah mana...