Friday, January 30, 2009

Stop Scratching Us!

Awisy dont fren Papa! hehe..

This baby tiger ws 'severely' scolded by Papa last nite as 3 of us went to sleep. Sleepy Mama (slept very little the nite before, remember my update at 2am?!) ws kept awakened by the cat and dog fight beside me. Last time, Baby Tiger has succesfully created a 'Mama Tiger' look on my face by a few raw scratches on my nose (dat couldt be hide by make-up!) and my face. So last nite he attempted to create the same look on Papa, face scratching and eyes poking summore...

Apelagiii mengamuklaa Papa Tiger! hehehe.. 2 good smacks landed on the Baby Tiger's hand. Insaf skejap (skejap je!).

The end of our bedtime story, hehe

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