Friday, January 9, 2009

Tales of The Fat Cats

When I shot the last picture, I was meaning to do a before and after thingy. But I got caught up with something else, I totally forgot about my intention until I edit this picha again! Talk about being absent minded.

Anyway, there's actually almost no point to tidy the babyden now, as he'll mess it up in no time, so I give up (what a concrete reason NOT to eh? hehehe).

Btw, Awisy is not a fat cat, its just some nick name I called him because of the fat cat on his tees. I'd say he's more a playful, cheeky, likes to claw people type of cat. Sounds like a kitten yes? no?

And I didnt mention I'm a thin cat either.. ha di ha ha ha


Zuhaini said...

hehe.. tgk gambar 1st, duk pikir, yg mana satu big cat..? hehe..

precious innocent said...

kekeke... statement zue.... ahaks!!!

-mama emma-

Mimi said...

hohoho... jgn sebut sensitip, hehe



i mengidam!!

can u bring that FAT CAT to rumah CATZS??..

i want to cubit cubit his pipi..

can ah??????

helpppp...he is soooo cuteeeee.

Mimi said...

hahaha.. Nora are u sure? Because he claws people I'm not kidding. Btw ure at catz now? Till when?

Kheirul said...

same as my kids place also

Mimi said...

hehehe.. i have a theory that some kiddos cant stand tidyness.. the prove is little awisy (n urs also I guess?!).. hehe

fatin said...


nk tanye mana u beli that 'cage'?? where trying to find something like that too for Emir..

how does it stick to the wall?? would it fall if he leans on the fence?

Mimi said...

Its babyden frm mothercare, u cn check on their catalog or website price around 6++. it cn make a perfect hexagon shape, but i use it like that to make more space inside. U cn fasten it to the wall but will need to drill ur wall. I didnt because the steel is heavy n the way i bend it make it impossible to fall.

Btw i think i babbles a few time during my search on this n also some review when i ws still excited abt it, hehe. U cn search my prev post. i bought it in june last yr if i'm not mistaken.

Make my life easier, especially for us who dont hv maid.

fatin said...

thnx Mimi!
Yeah.. we saw a few at ToysRuS but as wat we were looking for.. coz we want it to be spacious for EMir to play in just like Awisy's!!

Yeah perfect to put them in while u can run to the loo or cooking/eating knowing ur baby is safe in their 'cage' but still enuf space for them to roam around in it and play happily..