Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Alamak Tersinggah Leonard Drake

Hello :D

I'm at home right now. Lastnite Awisy woke up at 4am crying his heart out for hours. At first I just cuddled him hoping he'll fallback to sleep like he always does, but the crying doesnt stop, I sense something's wrong.

As always we (me and Papa) did our diagnosis: checked for fever, nope his temperature is normal; opened his shirt, everything looks fine (we have to check cause this boy always banging himself into something); we knocked his tummy buncit, there u go.. it sounded like an empty tong drum! So Papa rub minyak yuyi on his tummy, I place Awisy on top of me (face down to exec some pressure to his tummy buncit) and he slowly fall asleep.. Phewwww..

Anyway I'm on EL cause I hate sending him to the babysitter like this, cause I'll end up worrying at work. I still hv 33 days annual leaves heheh :D

So while he's sleeping I'm taking my own sweet time to blog :D Cause honestly he simply cant stand the sight of my pink laptop, he'll sure come n serang punyalah.

Beauty Talk

I was contemplating about my skincare lately as my bottle of Ultracalming Cleanser is depleting to the last drop. Also my Estee foundation (if u guys remember, bought it last year, and thank god I manage to hold myself from getting a new one till I finnish it, cause I hate it.. haha).

I'm thinking of switching to Jurlique as recommended by Mrs Noba n Ms Lola, have tried the trial kit (love it btw). But! hehe always a but la kan.. Apart frm cleanser, my toner n moisturizer are still more than half full! and I dont like mixing the brand coz it just might not suit each other. So should I buy a completely new range or just the same old same old Dermalogica (sensitive range) that I've been using for nearly 6 years?

Haha.. yeps.. I bought the cleanser. Next time maybe eh Jurlique? Apart frm the cleanser, usually it'll take more than 6 mths to finish the bottles. See my toner? Bought it 1st Ramadhan last year, use it everyday, yet it hardly a 1/8 empty.

I did asked the Leonard Drake beauty consultant, why my skin become dull and sensitive lately? Should I change frm the sensitive range that I've been using for the past 6 years? As predicted she asked me to come for facial (my last one was like a year ago haha) and use the full range like I use to.. I said I hardly have time to put moisturizer these days (So go figure la kan!). The complete routine is like: cleanser - toner - barrier - moisturizer - booster - sunblock - foundation - powder. And at night, plus the mask... 8-9 layer waa cakap lu, n costed a zillionth too (ok exagerrate, xla sampai zillion kan).

Right now I'm sticking to cleanser - toner - moisturizer - foundation hehe.. But okayla I'm willing to wear those hydration mask, let see if it will really make any different (hopefully). I'm at the edge of my twenty-eth decade anyway, should start to take my skincare more seriously (again hopefully).

Awisy tot the loose powder is a ball, lol :D ...I also revert back to Averine for foundation n loose powder.. Leonard Drake should reward my loyalty, hehehe.. Eh loyal ke? Mcm politics je, asek switching parties kuikuikui...

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