Thursday, February 12, 2009


We're going away till tis weekend, yaye!

Papa hs to attend a seminar in PD and me n Awisy are tagging along! Double Yaayye! Now I'm hopping that Awisy will behave as he'll be wif me 24-7 while Papa is working. Maybe I'll bring him to the pool n beach, we'll see... We're actually still at home now, Papa will come and fetch us tis evening, and I still hvnt pack anything! Yikes!!

Awisy just planted a few wet kisses onto my cheeks n mouth, hehe. I'm actually trying to put him down for nap so I cn start tidying n packing.. but so far he shows no sign of sleepiness at all. Instead I'm the one whos getting sleepy.

Anyway, me n Awisy just finish our lunch and this is what we had..

On contrast to Catz comment, I'm not changing this blog to cooking blog, hehe. I'm just sharing easy recipes that i or we manage to conjure while managing little highness antics ;D This particular one is super duper easy..

U'll need:
Onion - diced
Meat - sliced
Salt n pepper

To prepare:
Season those sliced meats with salt n pepper.
I pan grilled the meat with margerine (i love planta!)
On the same pan using the remaining oil (add some more margerine if its too little) sauteed the onion.
Add the rice n egg, season w salt n pepper.

Walla! Super duper easy right~
I guess u cn improve the recipe by adding garlic n ginger n what not, i just dont have time with Awisy tugging my shirt cause he wants to see whats going on the counter top...



Mrs Noba said...

have fun mimi!

yaya said...

happy holiday mimi...
awisy masih takut kat pantai lagi ke???????

Catz said...

nasik gorreng ko nampak extra sodapp.
erk...buat lebih sket lenkali..
aku tunggu kat simpang dgn mangkuk..

Mimi said...

Mrs Noba & Yaya..
Thanks! Awisy still afraid of the waves.. huhu

Bole2! Nnnt tunggu la eh kat simpang!