Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Easy Recipes

Its been a long journey since Awisy start weaning. Nowadays he pretty much eat everything we eat except sambal's' Haha :D

I'd like to share some recipes that we've been cooking that is easy peasy and can be done in a jiffy :D The best part is Awisy can eat these as well! So no need to prepare extra dish for little highness~

This is pretty much the same with the other masak lemak cili api, I just omit the chilli part, so Awisy will have no problem to eat it.

3 shallots
2 garlics
1-2 cm fresh tumeric
*shallots, garlics, and tumeric pounded together-gether
**fresh tumeric can be substitute with 1/2 a spoon of tumeric powder

slice of fish
1 asam keping / asam gelugor
1/2 pack of coconut milk
salt to taste

To prepare, pour the coconut milk, water, asam, and pounded ingredients together in a pot.
Put the fish in.
Place the pot on a stove and cook it in a low heat.

Another easy one..

2-3 pieces of chicken
1 onion
* half sliced and just quartered another half
2 garlic
2 cm ginger
1-2 potatoes
1 carrot
1 tomato
1/2 packet of 'Kurma' powder
1/4 packet of coconut milk
salt to taste

To prepare, slice half of the onion, garlics and ginger.
Add some water to the 'Kurma' powder to make a paste.
Heat ur oil in the pot, when hot enough, sautee the sliced ingredients.
Add the 'kurma' paste, cook until u can smell the nice aroma~
Add in the chicken and water (enough to barely cover the chicken and also depending ur pot size).
When the chicken around half cooked, add in the coconut milk, potatoes and carrots.
Season with salt.
Cook until the chicken and potatoes are thouroughly cooked. Add in the tomatoes and quartered onion the last minutes..


He wants to be involved in the cooking process, so we let him supervised, while eating his favourite food.. steam corn!



Catz said...

wah..dah jadi blog masak2...bleh aku try resepi ni kalau aku dah ada anak nanti...wakakakakaaka..
hihihih...btw..banyaknya frigde magnet ko...cantekkk..
eh..awisy dah nampak cam big boy la...tapi tetap

Mimi said...

isk.. belum jadi blog masak aaa catz.. sogan, den x pandai masak, hehehe.. Awisy mmg dh bigboy skarg.. Dh pandai demand itu ini!