Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Need and I Want

Hehhhee *evil grin

I have to ramble fast coz I hv to attend my colleagues presentation in a few minute. Currently I'm in search for the purr-fect car. Nothing fancy, something small and petrol-save and cute (hehe) so I can still splurge my money on my objectS of affection. I'm thinking Getz but I'm not really sure yet. I really like Swift but hmmmmm... later I'll only have little left for everything else laa.. dont like the prospect... Suggestion anyone???

Meanwhile, I already have my student bag @ school bag ready. The Marc Jacobs that I purchased end of last year. Oh I'm so poyo I know right!! But thats just me, whattodo.. Haha.. But I suddenly I found ANOTHER perfect one. OMG!! Now I'm thinking, surely I'll need a back up school bag right? And matching purse? And pencil case? Its really not that expensive.. SO maybe I can 'lenjan' that one instead of the MJ... But then I've promised myself hubby, I wont buy another bag until end of this year! huhuhuhuhu... whattodo...

Decision.. Decision..

Seriously its equally hard with the Msc project proposal that I'm drafting right now..


mimielola said...

Babe, go for Jazz lah

jua said...

suzuki swift sport is the best. my friend pakai, isi minyak rm50 boleh jalan dari UTP ke Kedah dan patah balik ke UTP utk separuh jalan. And i plg suka sbb bila u unlock the car, pintu sebelah driver je yg unlock...pintu2 lain still lock. this is to prevent drpd manusia2 jahat yg nak buat naya kat kita curi masuk ikut pintu belakang yg byk kes curi kereta jadi kat malaysia ni. and my hubby kata dat safety method sgtlah bagus dan sesuai utk kaum wanita mcm kita.

kan kita ni bila bershopping, segedebuk penuh kat tangan.

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

how about city? the new city? gorgeous jugak ;)
nways, for all the justification on another bag tue - if its ur hard-earn money, then just go for it!!! ;)

Mrs Noba said...


my choice would be:

1) honda jazz
2) nissan latio (yg hatchback tuh - my friend kata spacious)
3) myvi *wink*

jgn la beli kereta korea..sbb nanti takde 2nd hand value. but if you do not plan to sell the car then ok laa.

m@Ri@ said...

if me i will go for jazz..cause that is my dream..zzzzzzzz..

naza said...

weh..lerr hrtu aku offer Honda City tanak..very well maintained babe!!kalo tak blh aku jenguk my baby bile blk msia..hehe..but i would say city is the best from my experience..coz seat blkg boleh lipat and angkut segala mak nenek brg esp when u have more than 1 kid..
and if u're ikea fan mmg sgt terms of petrol sgt jimat but City idsi la..not vtech..
and ade sensor kiri kanan n blkg..worth it!!usha best shopping companion!!

Zuhaini said...

haha.. tak tau nak komen apa.. pasal x pernah survey pasal kereta.. sori... :) swift nampak elegant!