Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Bestfriend Wedding

At 330am Saturday morning, I woke-up Papa to get ready. We have plane to catch that early morning, this time to attend my bestfriend wedding, a.k.a Nyettosan. Wak n his brother are going to fetch us frm our home to LCCT at 430am.

At 5ish am we arrived at LCCT, with me and Wak wearing Kurung and Kebaya, ready to attend a wedding! Hehe. So we board our plane and arrived at KT in 55 minutes. Had breakfast at the airport and ride a taxi to Nyetto's place. She's having her make-up done and already wearing her solemnization outfit. A white modern kurung, with details gold and silver beading. You look very pretty babe!

Their solemnization took place at Nyetto's. A beautiful ceremony and Nyett's LOHL perfected the akad in one go! Hehe :D I secretly shed my tears hearing the Kadi's advice to the newly wed and when the bride and groom shake and hug with their parents. Sometimes we just need a few remindings to bring us back to the ground and realize our family is the most precious treasure.

Anyway, my plan to stay until the reception was cut-short. Awisy is getting reckless and cranky, he's been up since 4am and he refused to sleep in the crowd. Me and papa agreed to check in to our hotel at around 145pm. How I wish I could stay. I remembered during my wedding, Nyetto has come a day earlier with Lieza to help me with the preparations and stuffs. We stayed until late night, with Lieza painting henna on my hand and my feet (she even drew a cat palm! u just wait for ur turn babe!!). It was so much fun and having my special friends on my special day was one very sweet memory that I could never forget.

Nieds also came with her 5 year old Yaya. Both her and Awisy were restless while we kept feeding them chocolates from the the doorgift, hehe. That explains the picha. Nieds is looking very slim despite being Dont wanna jinx it babe, hehe.. I'm kidding, Insyallah this time u'll succeed and have a beautiful baby (no:2) soon!!

We stayed in KT until monday. On our last night, the newly wed has treated us with Thai food dinner! Verry yummy! The next day, we woke them up at 5am to send us to the airport, hehe...

I love u my fren.. Never really say it, but u know I always do.
Congratulations and I wish u all the good stuffs for ur new status! ;)


Zuhaini said...

alhamdulillah.. tahniah!!!
(teringat time daku kawen dulu2.. hehe)..

semoga berkekalan ke akhir hayat.. :) amiin.

(seronok nya u all leh jumpa member2 lama eh.. jelesnya!!!) :)

yeen said...

Akhirnya.. ade gak orang taruk gamba nyet kawen.. hiks.. ayuuuuu.. ;)