Friday, February 13, 2009

PD Snapshots

Yeah we're having a grrreat time! :D

And yeah Awisy is still afraid of the waves, hehe.. He's shaking from head to toe when I tried to lower him into the water. But no worries. I'm sure the fear will slowly fade and eventually gone.

Our hotel is situated infront of this marina with gorgeous view... While Papa ws busy, me n Awisy enjoy ourself by lazying around the cafe, the pool, n our room.. heheh :D

Some snapshots...



Anonymous said...

bestnya mandi pantai...misti awisy suka kan?

Catz said...

wah....bercanda di pasiran..otel mana nihhhh??
awisy menten comel.
erk..pinjam 2 hari boley??

Mimi said...

Awisy takut ombak!! huhuhu

Hamboi2!! Nak pinjam Awisy?? Lu pikirla sendiri jawabnye.. hehehehe