Monday, February 2, 2009

Sugar Rush

Hehe.. these were from the last nite episode when he caught me eating those cookies. Its not that I dont want to share with him (apart than 'sugar bad for baby' plus the mess that he'll create while eating those cookies), I really want to avoid those sugar-rush. U know how some kids will become hyper when u feed them sugar? (Like Lynette kids in Desperate Housewive, she only allows cookies at certain time remember?).

Well I dont know wether 'sugar-rush' is the correct term but I know Awisy will gets it everytime he eat sugar! I dont really mind when its day time (not that I always give him sugar, I rarely do!) because he's always hyper anyway. But when its nearly bedtime, its a total nightmare.

He'll jump on the bed and bounce and literally throw himself on the bed again and again and again and again! Doesnt matter wether he'll hit his Mama or Papa or the side-wall, he'll cry for a bit if its reaally painful then continue the act until all the sugar energy is drained out, then he'll go to sleep. Its a total chaos that usually lasted till 1-2am..

Guess how we all sleep last nite?

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BabyBooned said...

urgh. i hear ya! gib is the same too. i only allow cookies/chocs/ice-cream for him during tea-time (after his evening nap). other than that, no way jose! but sometimes the grandparents will come along and spoil it all... :p

so mesti tido lambat yesterday eh? ;)