Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Summer and Spring TieRacks Collection are Here!!

When I received the parcel from my partner in London I'm sooo excited! Its filled with the latest collection of TRs i.e. the Spring and Summer collection. The design are a mix of elegance and sweet and unique and the colors are just beautiful~

Here a some of my favourites.. Its from the Satin Range..

Feel free to browse our selections at Posh-Delicious online boutique here



Mynie said...

why la oh why no cotton? mmg diorg dah discontinue ke?

naza said...

mimi sebok jap..
Mynie:owh cotton is no longer available..in fact the chiffon range also has been discontinued in some outlet!grab urs now!:)

Mynie said...

thanks for answering my query.. in that case i have to look for other alternatives lah.. chiffon tak minat, sorry!