Thursday, February 26, 2009

What A Nice Place!~

To sum-up our short stay in KT was just an enjoyable one. We stayed at this cheap but nice place T.E.R (Terengganu Equestrian Resort), Paddock Inn at only RM120 per nite inclusive 2 bfasts. The room ws so-so but it does have all the standard necessities i.e air-cond, TV, water heater, room service and what not. But its the facilities and surrounding that we lurve.

First of all, its just beside the beach. Second, there are horse stables beside the inn where we can walk around and pat and poses (of course) with the horses. This one is my fav! His/Her name is Milo and he just finish bathing, hehe. (psst - he belongs to our a.gong along with some others inside the stable).

There's also a sport center where we cn use the gym and swimming pools for free and there's also courts for badminton, squasy and what not, and guess what? There's even a bowling alley!

On Sunday, we went batik shopping at Pasar Payang (where else la kan?!) and then we went to Taman Tamadun Islam. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." (in awe) was my first reaction when we entered its entrance. A very nice place indeed! Lotsa Islamic monumens (replica) from around the world! And perfect for camwhoring~ Hehe

The ticket is super cheap! At 10 bucks per-person, u get an RM3 voucher to spend for foods and drinks at the inside cafe. If u dont like to walk, u can ride the tramp or rent a bicycle. Nice Eh?! But we prefer walking..

As we went on Sunday, which is a working da in T'ganu, the park is practically empty!

I'll let the picha do the talking frm here onwards....

We were exhausted by the time we completed the whole round. It took us around 1.5-2hrs i think :D Papa is literally dragging his feet. Awisy je 'pretending' like he's fully charge while I knew he's also tired.

Before we left, we snap a picha in front of the Masjid Kristal :D

Awisy ws so tired, he fall asleep the moment we start the car! hehe :D

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Catz said...

wow..bestnya....pi terengganu...
lama dah tak pegiii.....