Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whats Inside My Bag?

Haha.. I've been tagged by my bestfren, Miss Shopaholic_Series a.k.a Naza.. Thanks for distracting me frm Tuesday blues babe! (almaklum semalam cuti)..

1. Find a safe quiet place free of significant other, noisy makers, priests, nuns, all things religious and men in general.
I'm in my office rite now and its generally quite..

2. Take a photo of your handbag and the contents
Here goes, my bag of the month.. should be my work bag, but rite now I'm so lazy to transfer the contents into another bag so I just use it for all ocassion, once even to wedding hehe.. Tak seswai! I know.. Its so spacious I can dump everything inside, even a pair of Awisy's tshirt, pants, n diaper!

3. Dump the contents of your handbag in a pile

4. Be brave and explain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag
I've cheat a bit as I've removed all the junks and sampah-sarap first ;D There in the picha is my 3 years old purse, my coin wallet, my make up pouch with, my 3 note books, 2 pens, a memory card (I'm not really sure where it belongs, prolly my dad dgcam), a scissors (!), TLD badge (to measure my monthly radiation exposure), keys n keychain, and vouchers..

5. What’s the most important thing in your handbag?
Of course my purse, my handphone, n my camera.. duh!

6.What’s the most embarrassing thing in your handbag?
Ermmm... the junks, which i've thrown away n not in tha pichas

7. What’s the smallest thing in your handbag?
My miniature perfume

8. Is there anything illegal in your handbag?
I want to say dope (haha kidding kidding!), no lah.. nothing.. everything legal here..

9. Tag others who might want to embarrass themselves:
Hmm.. lemme think for a sec..

ok here goes:
- Mynie my old fren (didnt expect to bump into u yesterday! next time bole catch up okie!)
- Emma a.k.a Mama Ryan n Zu a.k.a. Ibu Alia
- Saira n Purp n Catz (eh Purp n Catz if u've done it rite? kalau belum buat la!)
- Nyettosan (taun depan baru ko buat kot hahaha)
- Everyone who's interested, be my guest!


precious innocent said...

opss... saw my name!!!

rasanya tag nie similar dgn entry i on diapers beg la... kiranya i dah jwb kot tag u nie..

ha ha!!!

boleh gittew???

-mama emma-

Mrs Noba said...

gunting pun ada?? :)

Mynie said...

uh-oh, inikah akibat ter'bump' into you yesterday? hehe ;p ok, will do it later..

Zuhaini said...

ok.. hehe.. i'll do it, insya allah.. :)

Mimi said...

Hahaha.. sila buat ye kawan2..
Mrs Noba.. I pun surprise ada gunting tu.. Tak ingat bila I dok masukkan, kuikuikui