Friday, March 27, 2009

Beauty Talk

Hihi >:)

I had a very nice Friday lunch break..
Instead of lunch-ing, I went to Leonard Drake for facial :D

I arrived back at the office just-in-time~ Okayla, actually lambat 10 mins..

They said that my skin condition has improves comparing to the last visit, yadiyadiyada..
U see prior to the last visit (which ws 1.5 mth ago) I hvnt go for facial for about a year! So no surprise there. But recently I did freak-out when I suddenly realize that I'm stepping into my 3rd decade next year, yet I havent start anything to preserve my skin. I mean I hardly have flawless complexion, but if I let it deteriorate, my skin wont be able to age gracefully!!

(Yeps, I'm freak like that.. so bear with me if u want to continue reading)

I didnt take any supplements, I dont have eye-cream, n just recently I force myself to wear the sunblock. N finally I took a step and bought this food supplement that's suppose to be good for skin n vision etcetera etcetera. I'm thinking I should start using eye-cream as well, wanna bought it just now, but its not in stock. So I asked for samples.. They recommended Multi-Vitamin Power Firm (since I already have some fine lines under my eye, yikes!!!) and I also wanna try those Daily Microfoliant to combat those black n white head..

The facial, as always was calming and relaxing (minus the extraction part of course, but truthfully this time its really minor! Mungkinkah supplement yang saya makan itu memang berkesan? Stay tune! Hehehehe).

I really enjoy the massage and warm oat mask, that I fell asleep most of the time! After I'm done, the beautician ask me "Kakak, You sangat letih ke?".. Oooh hopefully I didnt snore-d.. Heheh.

After any facial session, I rarely put on make-ups, so here I am with my blotchy-oily face (frm moisturizer n sunblock) in the office!

I guess I'll be hiding inside my room till the day end!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

p/s - We'll be going to Skudai tomorrow for Mak Ngah's Graduation! Anyone going as well? Look out for Awisy!


azzamoro said...

aaaa.. kite pun pergi skudai la esok. My brother punyer graduation.. :)

p/s dah lame tak pergi pesta konvo

Mimi said...

Really??? Then maybe we'll bump into each other kat sana~ I'm revisiting ur page to memorize ur face in case I'll see u ;)