Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cuti Muti


Today I'm on leave.

Papa is away for 1 week since Monday. This time around, I'm staying in my house instead of my folks's. But of course Mak Ngah and Pakchik come over everynite for a sleepover.. Kalau tak takuttttttt (ye saya penakut.. hehe). Actually its more like us lepaking (inclusive dining, watching tv, etc) at my parents house and only comeback to my home for sleeping. At least this way, its minus the hassle of transfering our stuffs here and there as I still get dress at my own room.

Panjangnye bebel!

yug7hfgb b yhb8 ---> Awisy enterframe!

Alamak, Awisy dh habis minum susu. Lappy ku sedang di attack! Helppppp!!!

Man Down! Man Down!

Toodle Doo~z

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