Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Scribbles

So yesteday we went to visit Ma after work. I think she's looking better, somehow stronger n more energetic unlike the previous days. Maybe its due to the fact that Doc hs seen some improvement on her wounds :D Or maybe because Azfar hs taken 2 days off to accompany her.

Yesterday morning, she told Papa that after she consumed the Zaniton, she felt dizzy n very weak. Another call to House of Healin. They said that maybe its due the fact that she didnt eat anything after taking it.

So when Ma asked for our opinion wether she should continue with the Zaniton, I ws quite apprehensive. Even Papa ws more persuasive than me. We decided to reduce the amount to 3/4 tablespoon, and asked Ma to eat her dinner right after. We waited to see wether she'll experience similar effect like the night before and thankfully she ws not. So we concluded that the assumption ws right, she must eat something right after consuming the Zaniton.

Taking care of Awisy in the ward is a different matter. He kept climbing the chairs, the drawers, inspecting the drawer and the dustbin, eating Nenek's biscuits while spreading the crumbs all over the room... Aiyayaiyayai!!

Usually we stayed for around 2 hrs as after dat, K Fiza will came to accompany Ma till she sleep.

Here's Ma bandaged feet. The wound is located at the heel section.

Meanwhile I forgot to thank K Mar n Abang Apiz for the souvenirss for me n papa :D (pssst! i know ure reading this! hehe)

Very useful to tilik my pores n finelines in the office.. ahahahaaaa :D


Happy Weekend Everyone~

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