Monday, March 16, 2009

Hanging In There

Lots of things has been happening throughout the last few days.

Good news first :) To Kak Mar n Abang Apiz, please stop worrying. Ma's condition is getting better n better by day. Her blood pressure has returned to normal and as we visited her this afternoon, doc has treated her cuts for the 2nd day already. She wont be released for 2-3 days though, as they still want to observe her condition (the earliest would be this wednesday).

Only her sugar level seems quite unstable, sometimes normal, sometimes quite high, sometimes too low. But doc said its normal as they're trying to find the perfect insulin dose for her. We'll keep u guys posted kay!

Anyway, my MIL hs been admitted to ward last Friday due to some injuries on her feet (she's diabetic). We were quite worried when doc said that the injuries could be deeper than expected, they want to do further examination including x-ray to see wether the infection has spread to her bone. With FIL scheduled to depart for Umrah the next day (they were supposed to go together, but Ma hs to cancel), Along n Kak Fiza clans going to PD for work matter, things were quite frantics that day.

On Saturday, after we sent Ayah to KLIA, we hurried to An-Nur to check on Ma. Alhamdulillah, x-ray revealed that her bone is not affected, but doc inform us that she can no longer rely on pills, from now on she has to take insulin to control her sugar level. They are still waiting for her blood pressure and sugar level to normalize before they can perform minor surgery to treat her injured feet and remove the dead cells.

From that on things were running more smoothly, her condition began to improve and by today doc has managed to treat her feet for the second time :)

Oh no, my lappy's battery is running low n Awisy has attempted table-climbing to attack my lappy for the zillionth times (while his Papa glued in front of the TV watching AF Diary occasionally screaming "Awisy Jatuh! Jatuh!" , Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Okie dokie, Tata!


Mrs Noba said...

hope you MIL is ok now.

Mimi said...

Thanks babe!