Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Napping!

I've been trying to put him to nap. Finally succeeded after 2 hours, hehhh.. Meanwhile, I'm currently pestering Papa to get ready to go to our local supermarket to buy some groceries (atuk, awe, n the rest of the clan are coming to cook n dine together) n i oso want to buy some cotton fabrics as I hv this sudden inspiration to sew some DIY cushion cover, hehe. Let see lah how my inspiration will be realized or not :D

Anyway, the L couch hs become his fav spot for napping..

P/s - wawa, aku beli babyden ni kat mothercare, thx Zu for answering on my behalf, hehe. Price RM699 n if u hv MC card u'll get 5%off. we hv changed its shape a few times already, now we just use it to enclosed his toys in the living room. Nnt la aku wat entry specific, will link it to other prev entries yg dh ada. I think so far dh 4-5 entries since my first search to now. Hehe.

Klah. Tata!

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