Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Papa and his siblings are having a tough situation right now.

Yesterday, doc has called a meeting among them. K Fiza, Papa, n Azfar were there. Apparently, Ma's condition is not as good as we first thought. While her blood pressure and sugar level are now under control, its her injured feet.

Doc has removed quite much of a tissue layers that now its almost reaching her bone. Right now, he's changing the antibiotics and observes her condition. Because its situated at the heel part, its quite tricky because thats where the joint is. So he warned them on the worst case scenario, they might have to remove it before it spread.

I wish there's something I can do. Yesterday, I called the House of Healin to get some advice from them on their products. They recommend Pure Gamat Jelly as the most suitable one, it contains no sugar and promotes cell growth. We went to buy it right after work and give it to Ma last nite. This might sound naive, but I really-really hope that it'll work fast, n the new antibiotics will work, so that no surgery will be needed. Insyallah.

Stay strong aite! And do pray for Ma!


Mrs Noba said...

hope for the best.
i heard the healin product is good.

mommylyssa said...

The least you can do is try. Insyaallah.

Mimi said...

Mrs Noba n Mommylyssa
Thanks! Do pray for my Ma kay!

Zuhaini said...

kesiannya.. saya doa everything will be alright..

anyway, lagi satu product 4Life pun bagus juga. my dad pakai untuk kecilkan tumor dia. tp my dad a bit too late. try it out!