Friday, March 13, 2009

Lazy Bum

I'm feeling so lazy today. And Sleepy. And Lazy. Hehh.

One funny story.

Last nite I cooked 3 dishes for dinner. Papa was craving for ayam kurma. I on the other hand, was not in the mood to eat ayam, I'm feeling siakap stim. To satisfy both parties (eceh), I cooked both, very miss-match lauk but what the fish lah kann (tiru ayat KAMI, hehe).

Anyway, I use lotss off bird-eye-chillis for my siakap stim. But konon-konon rajinlaa kan, I de-seed all those chillis first. Dan ia telah menyebabkan tangan saya telah ke'pijar'an satu malam!! Sangat sakit!!!! sobssssss....

The 'wise' Papa suggested a very 'wise' petua upon hearing my constant whinning..

"Rendamla tangan u dlm air panas!"

And he proceed to prepare a big cup of it and hand it to me. I dip my fingers in.

"Ouchhh!!! Are u sure??? Macam makin sakit je!!!"

"Ye laaa.. Last time masa I kene pun I buat camtu.."

After a few minutes, the pain is still there, nothing less if not worsened. I feel like crying okay, dah la with Awisy pinching, biting, n pulling my hair, which he thought were funny. Suddenly:

"Eh, air sejuk ke air panas eh? I pun confuse!!"

Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! Memang nak kene lepuk!!!!!

Conclusion : I slept with a painful fingers...


mommylyssa said...

laaa kesian!!!! hahahahaha...air sejuk macam lagi bessst jer bunyi nyer!!! kalau tangan dah keperitan lps tuu rendam dlm air panas lagii... tak ke lagi sakit???

Mrs Noba said...

itu laa..rendam dalam air panas?
isk isk..ouch!! :(

Aimi Mukhlis said...

Aiyakk...rendam air panas ka?? Lain kali kalu tangan kepijaran tu cepat2 pegi genggam beras...cepat hilang pijar tu..had been tried it few times and its worked!

But sorry, no scientific explanation for it...just petua orang2 lama :)

Mimi said...

yess makin sakit!!! cold water will soothes the pain for a while but the moment i took my hand out, sakit balik! sobs

Mrs Noba
yups!! learn frm my mistake! heheh

Mucho Gracias babe! Alasss, ade gak org bagi petua yg dijalan benar, hehheh