Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Messy-Messy Boy

This pichas are 'living' testaments to Awisy loves in creating mess around the house.

I read in an article that one way to discipline babies\toddlers around his age is by involving them in some chores because apparently at around this stage they're very "helpful" (notice the double quotes and bold).

So I tried to apply this theory last night.

He hs this habit where he'll takes a handful of unfolded clothes (his ones) that I stuffed in a basket and 'sprinkles' them around the house. Sometimes he'll grabbed 2-3 pieces and handed them to me and his Papa (while we were watching tv) looking so pleased like he deserve a praise or two with his pussy-cat-eyes. So we pretended to be thankful, we clapped and kissed his chubby cheeks.

Anyway last nite, as I collected those clothes from around the living room, I asked him to help me to pick and return those clothes into the basket. It works! He picked em one by one and put them into the basket! Hehe..

But of course after 5 minutes, he went and take em out again.

Hmmm.. I wonder what should I do next..

As if he's saying "Rilex la Mama!"


Zuhaini said...

hehe... sabar ya mama.. :)

Anasfadilah said...

relax la mama...


caption yg kelakar

precious innocent said...

ryan pun dah mula pandai simpan balik mainan dia... tp actually, dia lg terror sepahkan..

kalau u buh awisy dlm 'playground' dia tu, dia x mjerit nak keluar ke?

-mama emma-

Mimi said...

Hehe.. kadang2 saya agak kurang sabarla babe!

Mcm betulkan dia tgh ckp camtu!

Hehe.. sama laaa ngan Awisy! lepas kemas, immediately sepahkan balik.. huhu