Monday, March 16, 2009

My Baby YOU!

Sorry guys, I've tons to write, but am just not in the mood. Will do when I'm ready. In the meantime, I uploaded these to cheer me up ;)



mimielola said...

u shud make an animation (using photoscape) from these pictures.

fuzahoney said...

ur son is soo cute! :)

Zuhaini said...

hihi.. cute!

err.. ms lola, pakai photoscape bole buat animation ke..? tak perasan la pula saya..

Mimi said...

zu n msLola
Yealah animation? as in Upin Ipin tu ke? hehe... x explore fn photoscape sampai situ.. but kalau yg mcm comic I've done a few already. chk out under label a.w.i.s.y

thanks babe! he's cheeky n cute :D

Catz said...

eh sejibik muka daddy nya yer...muka mommynya non ado..kekkekeke..
apa2 pun comel sokmo laaah