Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Resepi Roti Mimi (Ok la Poyo) Roti John

In an effort to finish the whole packet of hotdog bun before its expiry date... hehhh..
I proudly present, Roti Mimi~

The Ingredients

Hotdog Bun, Salt n Pepper
Not in the picha: Egg, read meat (i manually minced it/chopped), lotsa fresh button mushroom (also chopped), I wish I hv spring onion but I dont, and slices of tomatoes, cucumbers, n salads

The Preparation

To prepare the batter, beat 2-3 eggs, add in those chopped meat n mushroom and salt n peppa

Melt some margerine or butter (I use planta) on the non-stick pan, spoon 3-4 spoonful of the batter into the pan (ikut suka laa, saya suka tebal2 n byk daging n mushroom), roughly shape it so it'll cover the bread

Slice open the bread, place it face down onto the (still wet) batter in the pan, let it sizzles..

Well cooked!

Just to be fair, I spread mayo on 1 half and chilli sauce (I love Life's!) on another

Throw on those salad on top.. Flip it close n slice em..


Sekarang hujan lebat dan saya rasa lapar..

Sekian Time Kasih!


p-na mama oja said...

cm sedap jer..nnti bole la try.. musim2 ujan nie sedap mkn..heh!

Mimi said...

hahaha.. mmg syok!! try jgn xtry!

naza said...

sedapnye..aku pun nk buat la..kt sini byk john tp xde roti john..:(
thanx 4 d idea!!