Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Awisy! Where's UR?"

I've started to teach Awisy on his body parts since he was about 8-9 months old. I remembered showing him to clasp and unclasp his hand after he knows clapping. And then I associate it with a command, "Where's ur hand?" *clasped and unclasped my hand*, and he follow suit! We (me and Papa) were sooo proud, we ask everyone (Atok, Awe, Atok Melaka, Nenek, Mak Ngah, etc etc) to ask him the same question (where's ur hand?) and when he answered it right (clasp and unclasped his palms) everyone clapped and sing-song praises and hugged him.. hehehh..

From that I gradually teach him his nose *points to nose*. After he got it right (usually after 2 or 3 attemps) I'll let him show it off to the ususal clan. After a few days/weeks (yups I'm not that consistent, heheh) I'll start with something new like eyes *blinks eyes a few times*, then hair *pat own hair* and the rest of it is history :D

Gosh! I've been wanting to record this video so I can blog about it for so long aready. Finally successful after the zillionth attemps! He has acquire the 'camera shy factor' or sometimes ignored the camera or did something else when camera come into his sight! I tell u it wasnt easy to record the whole thing in one shot. I have like a hundreds of the unsuccessful ones. Sometimes he'll obey 1-2 commands then run out of sight to play with his toys. Or pretend watching the tv heheehhh.. Really testing my patience! So excuse me when I become over-excited with this and let me gloat for a little while aite!

Because I'm so excited I got almost everything this time (except 'where's ur feet?' *lift his feet* but only when he's standing) here goes the snapshot and the dialog.. hehehh.. And quite a few times he did it wrong like the cheek part, but nevermind ;)

Mama: Where's ur nose?
Awisy: *points to his nose*

Mama: Where's ur eyes?
Awisy: *blinks his eyes a few times*

Mama: Where's ur hair?
Awisy: *pats his hair*

Mama: Where's ur tounge?
Awisy: *show his pink touge*

Mama: Where's ur ear?
Awisy: Eyyeaar *points and touch his ears*

Mama: Where's ur cheek?
Awisy: *holds his neck*
Mama: Thats ur neck! Where's ur cheek?

Awisy: Thats right! *pat his cheeks* Good Boy!

Mama: Where's ur hand?
Awisy: *clasp and unclasped his palms*

Mama: Where's ur tummy buncit?
Awisy: *hold his tummy and swing left and right*

Mama: Where's ur leg?
Awisy: *touch his leg* - I'm still teaching him this

And now he can associate those activities with pictures on his book. I actually didnt quite notice this (bad Mama) as he seldom pay his attention for more than 30 seconds on books. Only when he goes "Mama!!" *calls me to get my attention* and I saw him hanging his tounge out while poiting to picture on the book. Lo and behold its the picture of tounge!

I am beaming with pride! Hehehhh (Bagi can la kan!) Well actually I'm shouting to Papa (to catch his attention) while hugging and praising him and then both me and Papa googled the book and started showing him eyes and head and hair and leg.. hehehehe..

He's actually playing with the book when I took this video. If u cn see he's holding it in the picture corner...

AGAIN! I am beaming with PRIDE~ Love You Baby!!


Zuhaini said...

pandainya Awisy... :)

hehe.. perut buncit..? hihi.. :)

precious innocent said...


ps.. ur voice pun sgt la cute!!!

-mama emma-

Mrs Noba said...

keh keh..seksi sungguh awisy dgn baju dia itu.

very good awisy! :)

Mimi said...

Macihh! Perut Awisy mmg buncit! hehe

ErK! Cute ke?? dlm video je kut kedengaran cute.. hehehehe

Mrs Noba..
Ahaks! I pun awal2 dh notice, alamak terseksi.. tapi kalau usik nanti kacau mood dia, langsung fail lagi sessi rakaman ku.. hehehe