Monday, April 13, 2009

Get Well (Very) Soon Baby Honey

Although he had recovered frm the high fever, the cough n flu are still there. Ventolin pun dah habis sebotol. N last nite he couldnt sleep, woke up n cried literally every 5 mins. Temperature pun naik balik. But when the morning come, the fever is gone while cough n flu still exist.

We dont want to take any chances, nnt batuk biasa pun boleh deteriorate to athma, so made another visit (countless now) to Annur. Paed is close so we just went to the hospital since the meds are usually similar and we cn request the same meds like that paed usually prescribed.

Doc said his lungs is a lil bit chesty, n his throat is quite red. But its not that bad i guess since he didnt ask for nebulizer. Apart frm dat he's okay. No fever and ear infection (eversince he ws infected once, i always remember to ask doc to check his ear as non-paed @ gp always skipped this part).

We went home with a bundle of fresh meds hehhh..

Timetable for babysitter tomorrow....


Zuhaini said...

erm.. alia pun duk batuk skarang ni.. hmm.. :(

tp depa tak bagi inhaler ya..?

p-na mama oja said...

sama la oja pun batuk skrg nie.. tp sib baik x demam! musim ujan kot, dia sejuk senang kena batuk!

hope awisy cpt sembuh ye!!

fatin said...

wish Aiwsy a speedy recovery!!
kasik itu train express skit!!
hehehhe.. mommy pon take care ya! ;)

Siti Fatimah said...

musim kot plus the weather pon panas hujan and hujan panas my doter br je recovery!!!
i wish awisy get well soon too amin...

PurPle said...

get well soon awisy!

Mimi said...

Xde plak bagi inhealer, tak serious sampai tahap tu kot

Oja pun sama? siannn.. haihhh bila laa nak baik betul kan! kan!

Thanks a zillion babe!

Siti Fatimah..
Glad dat Sofia is okay now.. thanks for ur wishes n doa!

Cam x caya ko balik hrtu.. skejap je kan!! xpe xlama lagi balik terus.. neway thanks!