Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A High End Mamaks

We found new lepak place!

Hehe its a new Mamak nearby our house (very dekat, 5 mins walking, tapi kami naik kete).

Its different from other Mamaks (at least here in Bangi) especially in terms of the modern decor, open kitchen concept (so u can verify its a clean one!), and computerized system! Everytime we ordered, they'll punch in the system and hand us a card (like picha below). So when wanna we pay, just present the card to the cashier, he'll swipe it, and walla itemized bill displayed on the screen.. Hehehe.. Ini Mamak okay! Bukan Chillis or TGIF or San Francisco Pizza :D

The menu is quite extensive but typical.. Nasi kandar, thai food, segala datuk nenek roti canai to nan to roti bakar, western food etc etc.. So far we've tried fried meehoon (sedap!!), fried mee - mamak style (Papa kata sedap!), kaya toast (Awisy kata sedap! tapi banyak gak dia buang kat bawah kusi, kuikuikui), n chocolate waffle (yg ni so and so, tak memenuhi piawaian kami)...

Too bad my camera battery was kaput, so enjoy my h/p camera pichas!

Aiyarkss.. now I found myself craving for their fried meehoon n Wong Solo's Es Buah!!!



Mrs Noba said...

hassan cafe ni yg kata mana? sg ramal tu ke?
ke ada lain kedai dia?

Mimi said...

babe.. hassan ada banyak kat bangi nieh.. seksyen 8, 4 tambahan, 15, and this is the newest seksyen 3 nearby our hse ;)

CATZ said...

mak oi..canggihnya kedai mamaksss nih...dasatttttt...harus mak tryyyy..
rege standard kedai mamak or mahal sikit??

Mimi said...

Catz.. aku dh tau, hang sure comment punya kat entry nieh.. hehehe.. harga mahal sket kot, tapi standard laa.. Mamak kat bangi ni memang mahal wat? ayam goreng rm3 - rm3.5 seketul.. kan?